Greeting from Stanwich Student Ministries. 


When: Friday, May 7, 6:30-9PM
Where: Emmaus Hall (large gathering space at Stanwich)

For the next six weeks, we will be exploring what the book of Ephesians says and how it applies to our lives. Small Groups is also a time where students can safely share what's on their hearts and receive prayer.

Please arrive at 6:30PM at Emmaus Hall. Please arrive wearing a mask. 

All participants must register for Small Groups if you plan on attending in person. Click below to register

Here are the next few dates to put in your calendar:

May 21


Sundays at 10AM


Join us Sunday mornings for our Student Service! This is a time where we can catch up with each other, listen to a talk given by one of the leaders, and split into Life Groups to talk about how today's lesson applies to our lives. Stanwich Student Ministry's curriculum is lined up with the children and adults, so we encourage you all to discuss as a family after the service.

We begin the services worshipping with our families until dismissed to the Student Service.



A study for young women

We are bombarded each day with pressures about who and what we should be, act, and look like. It can be exhausting and overwhelming to try and keep up with everyone else! Join us for a 4-week series where students share their stories about the pressures they've faced and what they've learned about who God says they are. We invite you to explore breaking barriers of loneliness and isolation, renewing hope, and encouraging one another. 

Thursday evenings 7:00-8:00pm EST
Starting April 22nd 
4-week series


A study for young men

If you are a young man in this generation you are facing very unique and difficult challenges: anxiety and depression have never been more rampant; relationships are challenging and strained by social media; and the image of what a man should be is distorted by the constant sexualization of our culture. How can we respond to these challenges? The best thing we can do is be direct, share our experiences, and grow together.  We want to invite you to join a conversation with a group of your peers from around Fairfield County who are facing the same challenges as you. Multiple churches are coming together to talk about the mind, heart and body. 


Thursday evenings 7:00-8:00pm EST
Starting April 22nd 
3-week series


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We are 2020 as our year of sabbath and are ready and refreshed to head out again this summer.


We are planning on Missions trip  in 2021 and are anticipating a wonderful trip.  We are still formalizing a destination and plan, so stay tuned. 

If you want to know more about our missions trip opportunity each summer, please reach out to us. Contact Lauren Sumner, one of our Student & Family Discipleship Leaders,


Student Ministry

Student Ministry

Our goal is to have a program that makes each student feel comfortable and welcomed--all while introducing them to and pointing them to Jesus. Stanwich Church as a whole is a place where students can simply be themselves, meet new friends, and hear Gospel-centered messages relevant to middle and high school students.



The Stanwich Student Service are meeting weekly on Sunday mornings during the 10AM service at  10:15AM. 


Currently we are meeting via Zoom and would love for your student to join us.  Click here for the link to join at 10:15AM Sunday mornings 


Student Small Groups 

Student Small groups meets every other Friday night at 6:30pm. Our goal is to establish an environment where students look forward to coming back and inviting friends. 

Confirmation Class

Confirmation Class

The Confirmation program at Stanwich aims to educate, equip, and inspire students to know Christ and make Him known.  This program is designed for eighth grade students, but the class is also open to any seventh graders who feel that they are ready and to high school students who may have missed an opportunity for confirmation as a younger student.  

Confirmation is a 12-session program beginning February 14. We will meet on Zoom on Sunday mornings at 11:30AM. This is a great year to join us and invite other since it will be online!