When: May 20, 7-8:30pm
Where: Zoom -


We all need a good laugh every once and awhile to get through this together. Game nights are just the place for that! It is a time for us to play games together, laugh with one another, and enjoy each others company. 

We have adjusted the time to 7-8:30p to allow families to eat dinner together and to allow us more time to play!



When: May 22, 7-8:30pm
Where: Zoom -


I think we have all have thought to ourselves questions through all this like, "What is God doing? Where is He?" We want to talk about it while exploring truths of the Bible. We are currently walking through a Francis Chan study on the Gospel of Mark. 

We have adjusted the time to 7-8:30p to allow families to eat dinner together.


When: May 28, 6:30-7:30p
Where: Zoom -


We have had such a blast getting to know our incoming 6th graders better and we can't wait to all get together again! All incoming 6th grade students are invited to hang out with our Student Ministry leaders, Lance and Lauren, on Zoom. 


Greeting from Director of Student Ministries

A video greeting from Lance Svendsen.

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Sadly and not surprisingly, our Guatemala Mission's trip to Hope of Life is cancelled for this summer. We were holding on to hope that everything would go back to normal sooner but that just isn't where we are at right now. We are planning on returning in 2021 and are anticipating a wonderful trip. We are trying to think of this year as a sabbath year and will be ready and refreshed when we head back. 

In place of our trip, we will be planning a couple day long service projects where we can serve all together. We do not know exactly what these will look like just yet are excited for the time we will have together in the safest way possible.


Student Ministry

Student Ministry

Our goal is to have a program that makes each student feel comfortable and welcomed--all while introducing them to and pointing them to Jesus. Stanwich Church as a whole is a place where students can simply be themselves, meet new friends, and hear Gospel-centered messages relevant to middle and high school students.



The Stanwich Student Service meets weekly on Sunday mornings during the 9a and 10:45a service (10am in the summer). Student Small Groups meets every other Friday night at 6:30pm from Sept- May. Our goal is to establish an environment where students look forward to coming back and inviting friends. Stanwich students also participate in a variety of outings, retreats, and trips (check out this video of one of our missions trips).

Confirmation Class

Confirmation Class

The Confirmation program at Stanwich aims to educate, equip, and inspire students to know Christ and make Him known.  This program is designed for eighth grade students, but the class is also open to any seventh graders who feel that they are ready and to high school students who may have missed an opportunity for confirmation as a younger student.  

Confirmation is a 12-session program beginning in the Fall that occurs during the 10:45am Sunday worship service.  Students enter the sanctuary with their families at 10:45am, then transition to the Student Space downstairs after the Children's sermon.  Class concludes when the worship service concludes.  The class is taught by Student Ministry Director Lance Svendsen and student ministry leaders.

The Confirmation students are required to attend a 2-night weekend retreat which enables the students to build relationships and to expand on what they learned in class.