W H A T   I S

O U R   R O L E

I N   T H E

K I N G D O M ?

The Hart Family

Pastor Nathan, Nancy, Riley and Eva

A Message from Senior Pastor Nathan Hart


In the 1731 Stanwich Church covenant, they declared their commitment to "the advancement of His Kingdom in this world." 


Nearly three centuries later, God's Kingdom is still being advanced in and through Stanwich Church. The following pages outline our strategic plan, which the Elders, Ministry Directors, and I have been prayerfully working on for several months.  All of the initiatives are guided by the same commitment that guided the church's founders so long ago, but in a cultural landscape that they could hardly have imagined.


Our vision is To know Christ and make Him known.  I am more energized than ever to advance God's Kingdom with you as we pursue this vision strategically, faithfully, and boldly in Jesus' name.


Rev. Dr. Nathan Hart

We invite you to view the videos below for further details on the Strategic Vision of Stanwich Church. You can also view or download our booklet that explains our vision at a higher level.

GOAL: To glorify God and proclaim His good news.

GOAL: To mobilize the congregation to share the gospel, love the poor (both material and spiritual), and advance the Kingdom.

GOAL: To empower regional ministry and lay-leaders amidst a culture of secularism, weakened churches, and over-scheduled people in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.