Robes in the Bible

Clothes are part of our daily lives. For some people they are simply a functional reality of life. However, for most of us, at least subconsciously the way we dress is an expression of our performed identity. Consider some of the things we say: "he dresses for success," "she always makes a fashion statement," "he is wearing a power tie," "she was dressed to the nines." And one is a fraud when "he is caught with his pants down." Maybe this is what caused Mark Twain to say "clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." I casually recounted over 20 idioms in English surrounding clothing. We certainly do not want to "be a stuffed shirt," "get hot under the collar" or "wear our feelings on our sleeves." Robes and clothing carry spiritual meaning in the Scriptures. This series will explore significant robes found throughout the Bible. In the end, our goal is to put on Christ so as to be robed in the glory of God.

God's Robe of Glory

Psalm 104

Adam and Eve's Garments of Shame

Genesis 3

Joseph's Robe of Favor

Genesis 37

David's Worship Robe

I Chronicles 15:25-29

Jesus' Kingley Robe

Isaiah 6:1-7 & Mark 15:16-20

Cloaks of Honor 

Luke 19:28-40

Resurrection Linens - Folded Robes

John 20:1-10

Robes of Righteousness

Isaiah 61:10 & Ephesians 4:17-24