This fall at Stanwich Church, our preaching series will follow the three-year chronological study of the Bible designed by The Gospel Project.  This will align the entire church--Children, Students, and Adults--on the same schedule, so that each week, every generation will focus on the same Biblical story.  Starting in September, we will begin at the beginning: in Genesis and the promises of God.  In the coming year, we will occasionally depart from the three-year schedule as we explore short-term series and church calendar seasons such as Advent and Lent.



God's Good World

Genesis 1:1-15, Colossians 1:15-18

Rev. Dr. Nathan Hart/Rev. David Borden

God's Good People

Genesis 1:26-2:3

Rev. Dr. Tim Brown

Sin and God's Good News

Genesis 3:1-13

Rev. Dr. Nathan Hart / Rev. David Borden

Sin and God's Grace

Genesis 6:9-22

Rev. Dr. Nathan Hart/ Rev. David Borden

Sin and God's Authority

Genesis 11:1-9

Rev. Dr. Jacky Gatliff/Rev. David Borden

Suffering and God's Presence

James 5:7-12

Rev. Dr. Nathan Hart