After Jesus' death, resurrection, and ascension, how did his followers respond to these events? The answer would birth a movement that would change the whole world. In this summer series at Stanwich, we trace the inception of an unstoppable, ever-expanding community that continues today.

June 2

The Son Ascends

Acts 1:1-11

June 9

The Spirit Descends

Acts 2:1-21; 37-38

June 16

The People Gather

Acts 2:42-47

June 23

The Word Spreads

1 Thessalonians 1

June 30

The Name Heals

Acts 3:1-16


July 7

The Doors Are Opened

Acts 5:17-32

July 14

The Enemy Converts

Acts 9:1-22


July 21

The Movement Spreads

Acts 10:34-48

July 28

The World Turns

Acts 14:8-18


August 4

The Hearts Are Opened

Acts 16:6-15

August 11

The Skeptics Believe

Acts 17:16-34

August 18

The Church Scatters

Acts 27:39-28:10

August 25

The Movement Continues

Acts 28:17-31