Although we seek to worship God every day in the way we live our lives, there is always something special that happens when we come together for corporate worship on Sundays. Music has a way of drawing us into the presence of God.  Whether we are singing a traditional hymn that has been sung for hundreds of years or learning a new praise song, we seek to glorify God and praise Him through the use of song, instrument and voice. At Stanwich, we offer both traditional and contemporary styles of music at our Sunday services.

Traditional Choir and Praise Team in Morning Services

The traditional choir is made up of dedicated volunteers and professionals who provide music for the 9am and occasionally the 10:45am worship services throughout the year (except during the summer months).  The choir leads the congregation in the worship hymns and sings traditional anthems by classical as well as modern composers. 

Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings from 7 to 8:30pm and then on Sunday mornings at 8:00am before the service.  All who desire to sing and to share great camaraderie with others who love singing and praising the Lord are welcome. Please contact Leon Reid if you would like to learn more about joining the choir.  

The praise team also leads worship during the morning services with contemporary praise songs.

Stanwich Stamford Evening Service

The worship at Stanwich Stamford is led by our band with vocals, drums, keyboard, bass and electric guitar.  This service embraces the ancient-future style of worship, combining prayers and liturgy of the ancient church with modern day praise music.