Let's Hang Out!


Join Miss Ann and Miss Sara at  Kid’s Church Zoom from 10:30 - 11 AM. We have 3 different Zooms for different age groups. You will watch a Bible story video together, share with one another, and have some fun! 

Questions or to receive the Zoom link please contact Miss Ann or Miss Sara.


We will have limited Kid’s Church and nursery care in our 9 AM in person service. Nursery is for children 4 years old and younger, Kid’s Church is for kids 5 years old through 5th grade.


To have your child participate, just register your family (including children) for the service by clickin here.  ONce reigstered,  Ann Roth, Director of children's Ministry will e-mail you by that Friday to confirm your child has a spot in children’s ministry for that Sunday. You MUST be registered to have your child attend Kid’s Church. Questions?


Contact  Miss Ann or Miss Sara.


Children's Ministry at Stanwich Church provides a fun and engaging environment that invites kids to know and experience the love of Jesus. On Sunday mornings in Greenwich, kids begin the service with their parents in the sanctuary. Following the children's sermon, the kids are invited to the children's wing where they participate in age appropriate programs.  Preschoolers and Kindergartners are together in one class and 1st graders through 5th graders are together in Kid's Church. Nursery care is provided for children three years old and younger.


Children who attend Kid's Church learn about the Bible through the Gospel Project for Kids, which is a three-year chronological walk through the Bible. The children learn that the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story - God's story of redemption. 


Welcome, we are so happy to have you visit with us!  If you are visiting the Greenwich Campus please park and enter the sanctuary doors where a Children's ministry staffer can help you get your children checked in.  We'll ask about allergies and get parent information, then give your child a name tag sticker.  One of our staff members will show you to your child's classroom, where you will pick up your child after the service.   After the Offertory Prayer, an announcement will be made for dismissal of children to Kid's Church.  If you If you have questions before your first visit, contact Ann Roth, Director of Children's Ministries. 


We know sometimes your kids love you so much that they just might prefer to stay in the service with you. We also know sometimes children can get squirmy and feel the need to stretch or tell you something very important many times over.  If that happens we encourage you to visit our family comfort room just out through the back doors that you entered into the sanctuary by. Then turn left and go down the stairs and it is on your left. There you can let them move about freely and play while you enjoy the sermon via TV.


We are happy to have you and your family with us on Sunday. If you have any questions please ask any one of the ushers, greeters or children's ministry staff.

Nursery and Child Care
Kids Church 1st - 5th Grade
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