Israel 2022

June 23 - July 2


Who is Bryan Widbin?

Dr. Bryan Widbin, an ordained Christian minister and former resident of Israel, is Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages.  Fluent in the languages and cultures of the Middle East, Dr. Widbin is a prolific presenter of topics on the world and cultures of the biblical peoples which comes with passion and heart. His breadth of experience allows his teaching to capture the mind, grab the heart, and stir the spirit. His goal is to equip the leaders and the laity of the church with essential theological tools through teaching, writing, preaching, and mentoring. He also works in different capacities exploring avenues for peacemaking and reconciliation in the Middle East region and with REALIS in Ukraine, a Christian organization dedicated to promoting civic responsibility and social engagement.


Can someone outside of the church register?

Absolutely! The more the merrier. We want to include anyone who has an interest in Israel to join us on this adventure. 


What are the ages that can attend?

We are suggesting any child 10+. There is walking and a lot of teaching that goes along with this trip. We believe that most children this age can hold an attention span long enough to enjoy all of it. 


What is the normal start and stop time of the tour each day?

Because this is a summer trip, the day will start later.  From around 8:30am and ending around 3pm, with an hour plus for lunch at midday.


What is the tempature for that time of year like?

Plan for temperatures in the mid to upper 80s.  Cooler in mornings (70s), even cooler in evenings (upper 60s), warmer at midday (90s).


How much walking is involved?

Efforts have been made to the itinerary to withdraw heavy walking sites.  The only major walking will be when visiting Masada.  There is flexibility to this, depending on the interests and ability of the participants. If you are an older person and concern about the walking - there are areas where you can wait comfortably when unsure of your stamina or footing. 


How much time will be spent on average on the tour bus?

Bus time is minimal most days, 45 minutes to an hour total (broken up between sites, normally 3 per day).  Dead Sea day and Upper Galilee day, add an hour to our bus time.  The longest straight shot is 45 minutes.  


Is it safe to travel to Israel right now? 

The areas that Bryan will be sharing with us are safe for all tourists. 


Can I have my own room, how much more is that?

To obtain a single room, it is an additional one time fee of $578.


What is the cost and deposit amount and when is the balance due?

The cost is $4,450 per person and the deposit is $500 per person. An additional $255 will be due at 200 days prior, 120 days prior, and 60 days prior to the departure.  The remaining balance to be paid in full not later than 45 days prior to departure of the tour. If payment is not received 45 days prior to departure, a $100 late payment fee will be assessed. All cancellations must be in writing by letter, to Maranatha Tours. See back of brochure for a breakdown of payment.


What is the latest we can register?

You need to register 90 days prior to departure. March 23, 2022  is the last date for registration.


How can I register?

You can register online with a credit card or manually with a check. Below is the link to register online OR if you prefer to manually register you would fill out the yellow portion of the back page of the brochure and mail it directly to Marantha Tours Inc., (18428 N. 42nd Place, Phoenix, AZ 85032).  You can find the brochure below.  If you do register, please email Kimberly O'Hara so that we can ensure we have you on our list of travelers for communications purposes.