Nothing on Earth: Finding Contentment in a World of Comparison

Everywhere we look, we see people who seem thinner, richer, or more successful than ourselves.  When we compare ourselves to others, we often feel discontentment, self-loathing, or even self-righteousness.  In this three-week series on the 73rd Psalm, we will discover that contentment cannot be found by measuring our lives against the models on TV or our friends on social networks.  True contentment is not found on Earth, but in Heaven, where our real treasure is.  Finding fortune there can brings us lasting contentment here.

Compare and Despair: How I View Others

Psalm 73 - Rev. Dr. Nathan Hart

A Clean Heart? How I View Myself

Psalm 73 - Rev. Dr. Nathan Hart

My Portion Forever: How I View God

Psalm 73 - Rev. Dr. Nathan Hart