202 Taconic Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831 Worship Times: 9am, 10:45am & 5:30pm Evensong

Pastor’s Welcome

A message from Senior Pastor, Chuck Davis


Jesus Christ is the foundation of all that we are and all that we do as a church.

Prayer: everything we do is covered in prayer and in earnest desire to do God’s will.

Bible Centered Worship: We believe the Bible is the Living Word of God and should be the foundation of our worship, our ministry and our individual lives.

Praise and Worship: We love to praise our loving God in our worship, our ministry and our individual lives.

Godly Leadership: We believe that our words about our Lord are made authentic by lives lived according to His word.

Care Giving:  The love of Jesus flows not only to us but through us to one another and to those outside the church.

Holy Spirit: God’s Holy Spirit is at work within us (if we invite Him) to comfort, guide, transform and empower us.

Grace: The abundant love and forgiveness offered to us by God through Jesus are not earned or deserved. They are free gifts by God’s grace which we humbly and gratefully receive and then share.

Transformation: Growing to be like Christ is a continual transformation that takes a lifetime. As we worship God and allow Him to transform our lives, He heals our brokenness, enlightens our minds, softens our hearts, and fills us with His grace and love.

Evangelism and the Great Commission: We believe Jesus included all of us in His great commission to go to all the world spreading the good news of His amazing grace and inviting all to become His faithful disciples.