202 Taconic Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831 Worship Times: 9am, 10:45am & 5:30pm Evensong


There are several ways you can make donations to Stanwich Church.  Donations can be directed to our main operating budget, or to our Missions Fund.  All gifts remain anonymous to our pastors and lay leadership.


collection plate 

Place your donation in the offering plate each Sunday or use the small envelopes located in the pews.


send a check

Send a check made out to Stanwich Congregational Church, and mail it to 202 Taconic Road, Greenwich, CT 06831.


online donations

Use your credit or debit card, or make an electronic funds transfer from your checking or savings account. Contributions can be made as a one-time gift, or with automatic deductions on a weekly or monthly basis.
Frequently Asked Questions about Online Giving.


gifts of securities

You can receive a tax deduction on the appreciated value and avoid paying capital gains tax.  You can easily transfer securities to the Stanwich Church account at Schwab by contacting the church office at 203-661-4420.





Include Stanwich Church in your will, either in cash, property, or share of your estate value.  You should contact your attorney.  Remembering Stanwich Church can be done  as simply as instructing “I give and bequeath to Stanwich Congregational Church of Greenwich ___ percentage of my total estate” (or as a fixed dollar amount).


charitable remainder trust

This allows you to retain income from assets you give to Stanwich Church.  You place the assets in a trust that will ultimately benefit Stanwich Church, and designate a fixed percentage of the trust to be paid annually to you, a family member, or other beneficiary.  The income can be paid for life, or for a fixed number of years, at the end of which the assets pass to Stanwich Church.


life income gifts

This allows you to transfer assets now, and yet continue to receive income from the cash, stock, or other contributed property.  This form of gift is often made through a trust arrangement called an “annuity trust” or a “unitrust”.  It can allow you to increase your  income for life, plus receive a generous charitable contribution deduction, and if the contribution is in appreciated securities, avoid any capital gains tax.  You will need to consult your family attorney for details.


life insurance policy

Owners of individual paid-up life insurance policies that are no longer needed to protect family members or a business, may donate them by making Stanwich Church the beneficiary.  Or, create a new policy with Stanwich Church as the beneficiary.  This approach can provide tax benefits for your estate.

Note: donors wanting legal assistance for Planned Giving donations should contact Sheila Hyland in the Stanwich Church office at 203-661-4420.